VES enabled cloud storage
Gather them all
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In one place, you can see all your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox accounts and everyone with whom you share files, both yours and theirs. With this single, comprehensive view, you’re better armed to control sharing rights to all sensitive files for you and your team.
Google Drive
Control all user access
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You can drill down into an individual users to see their access rights to all files. With a single click for each file, you can change their access in real time. Changing user access has never been faster or simpler.
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Encryption risk mitigated
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VESvault is the tool to use VES™ encryption for all your document storage apps in the cloud, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and CloudDash Lockbox. You can encrypt existing files on these drives, deposit newly encrypted files, retrieve and decrypt the files to view them. And, you can continue sharing your files with other users after encryption. With VESvault, you get all the benefits of continued use of your trusted document storage service but now with the added benefits of VES™ encryption.
You can use VESvault directly, and it’s also automatically enabled in CloudDash. VESvault’s encryption combined with CloudDash's superior user access control and all encompassing view result in a new benchmark of security and control of your documents in the cloud.
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When super security is required
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Lockbox compliments your document storage service for those situations when giving up some flexibility is worth the extra measure of protection. All Items in Lockbox are encrypted and only the owner of the Lockbox can add, edit or delete Items. The people with whom you share Lockbox have read-only access and can’t change anything. Lockbox trades off the collaborate features of your primary document storage service for an extra level of control and peace of mind.
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Not just for cloud apps
For your earthly items too
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Since everything is encryted, VESvault is the perfect place to store Wifi passwords, cellphone pins, tablet and computer passwords. It’s even a great place to back up legal papers, passports, photos, videos, driver’s licenses, social security cards, birth records, divorce settlements, car titles, medical prescriptions, insurance policies, tax returns, credit cards, memberships, sportsman licenses or any other sensitive information.
With VES™, you never need worry that your highly sensitive, encrypted information is at risk. And, no matter where you go or whatever happens, you’ll always have a reproducible copy of your most valuable and critical Items for you, your family or your business.
Coming soon to CloudDash
With VES integration
Storj Filecoin
Sia MaidSAFE
Filecoin, Maidsafe, Storj and Sia have opened the door to a paradigm change in how the Internet will used to store and access content – distributed storage.
Unlike centralized services like Google Drive or Dropbox, distributed storage requires the use of encryption and along with that comes the problem of losing the key. By mitigating the key loss issue, VES enables distributed storage to become practical for mainstream use.
Distributed Storage will soon be integrated into the VESvault CloudDash app along with currently available Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Users will not only be able to select multiple storage options, they’ll be able to use them all concurrently, providing an even higher level of redundancy and options.
VES enabled distributed storage will change how everyone stores their personal content on the Internet.
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