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As a team leader or business owner you need oversight of all users and access rights to all your apps and documents in the cloud. You need one place to see everything; one place to make changes that ripple through all connected apps.
You need a 30,000 feet, all encompassing and integrated view of all your clouds so that you can effectively command them all.
Partial collection of clouds from an actual Silicon Alley startup
Cloud Strategy
key to success
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With the recent mass migration of business operations to the cloud, your cloud strategy is now mission critical to your operations, and hence your success. After all, in today’s world everyone competes on
product features
cost – the
of your operation.
How you select, integrate, use and evolve your collection of business apps is now a big piece of your operational success. If you fall behind on the latest innovation, your business could be at risk. What’s your cloud strategy?
Same clouds as previous image, plus more, organized in CloudDash. Corporate colors chosen as the user customizable color scheme.
Organize and Share
Empower your team
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Nothing brings a team together better than transparency and inclusion. Knowing who is using what, to do what, is a big part of that. It fosters information sharing of best practices and cross-functional growth. It gives people a sense of the big picture, how they fit in and how others fit in. It enables the team to adapt faster and to achieve better performance.
With CloudDash, everyone has visibility to the team-wide toolset while still having individual access to only those apps that are applicable. The latest additions and changes are immediately shared to all. Everyone has autonomy and yet is included. It’s the cloud equivalent of having a collaborative, open, physical office layout. It's the same Zen, the Zen of success.
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Command & Control
For leaders of teams
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Unlike your team who organize by what, as team leader you also organize by who. You can’t go into every individual app to find access rights for a single team member. Instead, you need a list of the apps and documents for each user, and to be able to make universal changes for users.
You need one place to manage who has what kind of access, to what.
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Manage them all, simultaneously
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In today’s connected world, even if your team uses one storage provider, the chances are they are working with partners who use others. You need to know who has access to yours, and what access your team has to theirs. You need to see this organized by user, not by filename because that’s how you manage roles and tasks.
CloudDash is connected to the four major document storage providers who in aggregate have over 1 billion accounts... we’ve got you covered.
Google Drive
Control document access too
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As team leader you can make access rights changes to all documents across all 4 major storage providers right from CloudDash. You can drill down into a particular user and see all their documents and access rights. For the accounts under your control, you can make quick changes right inside CloudDash. You can even grant access to documents to which the user currently has none.
CloudDash gives you the managerial tool you need to properly control document storage for all your clouds.
Manage Clouddash
, a better way to manage shared accounts
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Many apps are still in the dark ages by not allowing multiple accounts for a company, forcing a team to share a single user account. Vault alleviates the hassle and security risk of sharing an account among multiple team members.
The manager stores the app password in Vault while controlling individual user access to it in Vault. When it’s time to change the password - either periodically or when someone should no longer have access to the app - the manager makes the changes in the app and Vault. Vault automatically notifies the remaining members of the change so they can retrieve the new password while the deactivated user cannot do so.
Of course, Vault is also a super safe way for everyone on your team to store all their passwords for all your team apps.
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Not all apps are as connected as others. We’ve created a tiered structure to help you see the differences so you can factor this into your decision process. Visit our Apps page for more information.
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