Our True North

We believe that the Internet is a tool to serve humankind, and individual users have the final voice in how it is used regarding their unalienable rights. These unalienable rights having been previously and so profoundly noted as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that, falling within this context, privacy is a right that extends in full to the Internet. We believe that ensuring privacy on the Internet makes the world a safer place, a better place, for all people and institutions that serve the people.

Encryption can help do this if it can be made practical for widespread use. Viral Encrypted Security (VES) answers this call. It makes encryption safe, easy and usable for virtually any stored data in the cloud. This includes emails, group chats, documents, pictures, videos, personal records, recorded audio or video meetings, or any other stored information that exists today or may exist in the future.

To this end, our public APIs will make VES available to all third parties who desire to integrate VES into their products to extend the benefits to their users. In the immediate term, we will also enable individual users to directly integrate VES into some of the services they use, such as document storage and existing IMAP email accounts.

We envision a future where most cloud-stored private information is safely encrypted and protected with a much lower chance of being hacked. We believe this future can be achieved within ten years.

08 Jun 2017